Who am I?

Hi! I’m AudioAnimatronic1874, and I write Plausible Fantasies (aka: science fiction) and Less Plausible Fantasies (aka: just fantasy), which apparently are set in the same multiverse.

I was born in 1st August 2002 in Jakarta, and I am a high school student.

I grew with science fiction. I still remember that time when I watched Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (yes! that B-movie!!) and it blown up my mind. Those awesome power armours. Those awesome spacecrafts. It began my eventual diving on the scifi ‘verse.

With my "craft", I found weird stuff. Awesome stuff. Civilizations that's eons ahead... and eons behind.

But until recently, I haven’t dive the scifi lit verse yet. It was a short story, “The Monster” by AE van Vogt which compelled me to read more.