I still remember reading what I believe is the manhwa duology Quiz! Science Common Sense no, it’s Science Lessons in Movies which was translated here…

It’s a manhwa that debunks science in many movies and series. I still remember reading the first book and now I’ve bought both books…

I still remember parts of the first book. It told me that:

  • Godzilla (or should I say Zilla, cuz it’s the 90s Hollywood version)’s foot is implausible
  • Spider-Man can’t shoot webs
  • Superman can’t fly
  • Night vision would hurt ppl
  • Hypersleep chambers are impossible
  • Lightsabers are impossible
  • Captain Harlock is antagonist in Galaxy Express 999 (!!!) Do they crossover in one part? I still remember one section saying that “the Arcadia (Captain Harlock’s ship) is, in Galaxy Express 999, the Big Bad”

I’m going to reread it again and planning to review it (and book 2) here.